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National Forest Spring Water comes straight from the English countryside. Our naturally filtered water is drawn from 220 feet below ground, just outside the historic town of Melbourne in Derbyshire.

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The town’s name is derived from ‘the mill on the brook’ and throughout its history the region has been renowned for its refreshing springs and brooks. The cool, clear water here has long been used in brewing, and for watering the neighbouring market gardens.

Each bottle of National Forest Spring Water has been filtered for thousands of years through the area’s unique mix of limestone and other minerals. Recent geological studies have shown that the gravel beds at the source of our spring water could have been laid by an ancient river.

Our natural spring water is then bottled at the source, in an area full of picturesque towns and abundant woodland. The region has recently become a part of the National Forest project, which aims to create a 200 square mile area of woodland across the heart of England, rebuilding habitats and preserving ancient forests.

The result of all this history is a deliciously refreshing spring water. Try it today.

The National Forest Spring Water Company